LifeSpan Murrumbidgee website goes live!

The LifeSpan Murrumbidgee website provides up to date information on local LifeSpan initiatives across the Murrumbidgee.

Your contribution will make a difference. Estimates suggest that this new approach may be able to prevent 20 per cent of suicide deaths and 30 per cent of suicide attempts.

The LifeSpan Murrumbidgee website is the only place you can access Question Persuade Refer (QPR). QPR training is one component of what we need to do as a community to address suicide. QPR is online and only takes 1 hour. While there are many training programs that deliver skills in mental health awareness, QPR has the strongest evidence for building skills to help with a suicidal crisis.

QPR is free for communities within LifeSpan regions & available at a reduced cost of $10 for Murrumbidgee communities outside of LifeSpan boundaries.

Encourage your family, friends and peers to undertake training.

Head to to complete QPR & to stay up to date with what is happening in our local community. 

Jenna Roberts